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You may be new to Home Is Where The Art Is-but if you have been around for awhile here is the studio/business history intermingled with Tina's -Oh, it has been a journey...Do you remember when?...

1981 - Tina works at Art Mart Frame Shop, Columbia MO
1983 - Tina manages Great Hang Ups, Columbia, MO
1984 - Tina works as Graphic Designer and Framer, Columbia College, Columbia, MO
1985 - Tina manages Ben Franklin Frame Shops, Saint Louis, MO South County and Webster Groves
1986 - Opens Designs by Crist, Ltd. In her basement-Subcontract framing for The Great Frame Up, Warson Woods, MO
1988 - Opens Home Is Where The Art Is, in her basement in Rock Hill, MO on Kortwright Ave.
              Remember the great view of the horses across the street?
1990 - Moves across the street on Kortwright and opens the shop in the newer and bigger basement!
              Remember the great backyard?
1993 - Storefront opening in Rock Hill, MO on Manchester Road across from Schiller's Photography.
              Remember the Traffic?
1998 - Build own studio location behind house on Kortwright Ave. in Rock Hill, MO-Thanks to all who came!
2004 - Move to Omaha, NE so sad...Move back to Saint Louis...So glad!!
2006 - Re-open in small house Lemay, MO
2007 - New warehouse Enterprise Center, Lemay, MO (starting over in some ways)
2008 - New Basement Location, East Jackson, Webster Groves, MO (growing!)
2009 - New Studio Location, East Clinton, Kirkwood, MO (Still growing!)
2010 - Crestwood Court ArtSpace, 322 Crestwood Plaza, Crestwood, MO (the sky's the limit!)
2012-  Crestwood Plaza Closes - Open location at 9120 Watson Road, Crestwood, MO with new Design Studio and Work Room.  Begin Studio and Workroom in Franklin County, MO.

 frame shop back door 1993Enterprise CenterSeveral of our locations over the years.