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Conservatiion taping Miro' silkscreen      Owner, Christine M. Crist, devotes most of her talents to custom framing and art restoration at HIWTAI. She is a Natural Creative and a Fine Artist with an incredible sense of color, space and design and a deep desire for research and doing things "right." She has 25 years experience in custom framing, 27 years as an artist and for 10 years has worked restoring works of art and frames.

     As a consultant, her talents have been requested in a variety of venues, including art and framing consultation, fire and water restoration of art, preservation of art, interior design and home staging, gallery installation, photography, idea generation, graphic design and marketing.

1983-B.A. Fine Art, Columbia College, Columbia, Missouri
Emphasis areas: Art History, painting, print making, works on paper, photography
1983-84 Masters Work-University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri
1996 until Present-
Hands on Educations and Research/Studio Experience.
Resources for Practices and Education came from a variety of sources based on research and the nature of the project presented.

    Consultation and classes with Conservators and fellow framers and art restorers has been a means of education that I will be eternally grateful for. My own research, from literature sources as The Getty, The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, National Parks Service, Canadian Conservation Institute and Heritage Preservation. Library and internet sources have been a backbone to core knowledge.

Areas of Expertise
•Custom Framing/Specialty Display, Preparation and Mounting-Preservation/conservation materials and methods. Design, construction and installation for a variety of objects, paintings, textiles, photography and works on paper.
•Various collections with multiple display options- consultation and execution/ coupled with interior design aspects. Installation of said collections into residences. Worked alongside clients who were collectors for desired outcomes, preservation and longevity of display for collection growth and visual display and design. This sometimes included working with interior designers, project managers and union labor forces.
•Art restoration, treatment and preservation care of paintings, a variety of objects and textiles. Works of art on paper and ephemera.
•Fire, Water and Mold Restoration-Disaster Art Management. Worked closely with corporations, handling art work sub-contracted to our studio for stabilization, assessment and restoration.

Sidney Larson-Columbia College
1982-1985-Professional Study under the instruction of Sidney Larsen, AIC, Columbia, Missouri, during the time I was a student of art. Mr. Larson’s project at the time was restoration of the Thomas Hart Benton Murals, in the Missouri State Capitol, Jefferson City, Missouri. Watching Mr. Larsen work and his sharing of the project progress and treatments spurred my initial interest in restoration and preservation, to him I am eternally grateful.